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If mindfulness and wellness had a baby, it would be in this box. This is the ultimate gift to help get stuff done. This box includes The Coffee Bar Spa and a Mini Green Clay+Matcha mask. Get centered with the Hazelnut Chocolate while enjoying the talked about Fake Coffee. Shhh, it's tea.
Add a touch of ambiance with the pleasant scent of the Peony Petite Shimmer Candle. There are a variety of goodies to help you make moves. Grab one for you and your besties.

Box includes:

The Coffee Scrub | The Coffee Bar

Natural Amor | Cute Dot Scrunchie

Natural Amor | Green Clay + Matcha Clay Mask

MONQ | Focus Essential Oil Blend

The SOi Company | Peony Petite Shimmer Candle

Big Heart Tea Co. | Fake Coffee Tea Bags


Boxes typically ship within 1-3 business days.  Please allow at least one week for delivery.  If you need your box on or by a specific date please email us at hello@shoppyper.comand we will work with you to make it happen!


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What's Inside

  • Peony Petite Shimmer Candle

  • Focus Essential Oil Bottled Blend

  • Fake Coffee Tea Bags

  • The Coffee Bar

  • Mini 1oz Clay Mask in bag Green Clay+Matcha

  • Cute Dot Scrunchie

Pink Peony, blushed Tuberose and White Musk
8oz Soy Candle
Approx. 40 hour Burn time

From hectic workdays to late nights studying, we can all use a little extra focus to boost productivity. Diffuse Focus to boost your productivity and strive for the best you. For many, this means boosting productivity and working towards increased personal and professional success.

It looks like a cup of coffee and kinda tastes like one too. Actually, it tastes like an herbaceous, chocolaty coffee dream come true.
Ingredients - organic cacao, organic roasted chicory, organic dandelion root, organic sweet cinnamon

Who doesn't LOVE coffee? Nothing like that jolt of caffeine in the morning to get you going. Did you know that your skin loves coffee too?

With our 100% organic coffee soap, you can treat your skin in the mornings too! Our coffee bar aids with getting the age-defying antioxidants deep in your pores, so you can wash away the toxins - and give your skin a jolt of caffeine!

We realized that when we added grounds of 100% Organic Coffee grounds to soap it provided an excellent exfoliant, helped reduce dead skin layers, and made our skin feeling really smooth! So we started researching and developing many different types of soap to find the perfect balance of coffee and our other ingredients. The final product is 6 months of R&D, and over 15 different iterations!

This Clay face mask is good for cleansing and detoxifying skin, unclogging pores, gently exfoliating dead skin cells. Abundant minerals and vitamins in the clay mask will help refining small wrinkles and rejuvenating skin. Good for normal to oily and acne prone skin types.

Pull up your harr and get in the zone with this cute Chiffon Dot Scrunchie.